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    bvi1998 .

    Hi, I have using this script found at posh:

    I am trying to figure out how to use the multiple choice parameter, but am not advanced enough in Powershell to figure out how to do this. Would someone please help?

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    The parameter $multiplechoice is a switch parameter, so in order to call this function with that enabled you would just add "-multiplechoice" to your command line.

    If the switch parameter is passed, the value of $multiplechoice is $true, if it is not, the value is $false

    I didn't mention the alternate syntax because I don't really see when it would be useful, but you can see more in the following article.


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    bvi1998 .

    Excellent thanks for making that clear. Would there be a way to have a checkbox (in my dreams?) to choose?
    Is there a simpler way for them to choose as opposed to choosing them individually?

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    Don Jones

    You'd have to code all of that yourself.

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      bvi1998 .

      yep, just wondering if it's possible to do any kind of checkmarks...
      My limitation here is that I am working with Powershell for Web Access which does not allow popups.
      I will be attending TechMentor in Redmond in August, so I hope to be improving my skills 🙂

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