Powershell pentesting

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    I would be grateful if any of the community could point me in the right direction regarding using PowerShell to enhance my security skills, at the moment I use Linux almost exclusively in pentesting and to tell the truth im none too fond of it

    I can see the possibilities however im not a great coder and id love to see a Cyber Security Manager (sort of like a Kali Distro) to help me with my work

    I mean what are the possibilities can Nmap and other top notch tools be incorporated into such a tool

    Any links scripts or blogs would be warmly appreciated

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    Dave Wyatt

    You'll probably want to take a look at PowerSploit. https://www.pentestgeek.com/2013/09/18/invoke-shellcode/

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    Thanks excellent just what I was looking for, if anyone has anything else let me know

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