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September 22, 2014 at 4:28 am


I am an App-V trainer that is drawn to Powershell since AppV 5.x
I am searching for a tool that enables me to use Powershell commands on a demo machine in some sort of GUI which will allow me to press a key to advance to the next Powershell command in a Powershell script.
I want to use it in a demo to administer App-V 5.x with Powershell.

I want to highlight a few AppV Powershell cmdlets. The New-AppVSequencerPackage for example to show sequence automation.
Now I just enter all the lines in an elevated command prompt, but I am convinced there is a better and nicer way to show this to students.

According to Jeff Wouters a tool like this exists but he couldn't come up with the name and advised me to post here.

Thanks in advance.

Alex Sweserijnen

September 22, 2014 at 5:30 am

Hi Alex,

Yes. The PowerShell module you're looking for is the famous Start-Demo and the latest versions support the ISE as GUI.

I hope that helps.


September 22, 2014 at 11:43 am

I think this will do what I was searching for. First I have to get it to work.
Getting a lot of "red text". 🙂

Thanks for your reply.

September 22, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Thanks again Daniel.

By combining the Start-Demo functions from the URL's you posted with the one I found on I was able to produce a working demo.