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    Simon M

    Hi forum,

    I was invited to talk to our IT managers in 2 weeks, and I figured it would be a good forum to introduce them to the magic of powershell. Most of them have been away from tech positions for some time (now they are just crunching numbers), but they do represent technical people. I would like to show them that although powershell might be intimidating at first (like any other new tool/language), but with baby steps they can soon realize that powershell is the right tool for them and their reports.

    Does anyone have any tips or ideas what I can include? I think it can be a great a sales pitch. I only have 10 minutes, so I need to figure out what I can put in my 10 min presentation to show them a bit the beauty of powershell.


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    JC Ruiz

    I wrote some articles on "the Need of Automation" and "Why PowerShell". They are from 2015, but you can use them as a base.

    Why PowerShell
    The Need for Automation

    Please insist on the need of a good training plan for this revolutionary product. Many people think they learnt some PowerShell, but are still using it as old VBS.
    For example, by not using the pipeline but huge variables, or not using Advanced Functions properly.


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