Powershell script to check whether multiple KB are installed or not in servers

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    Powershell Script to find patched and unpatched server!

    I have multiple KB's, I am trying to find whether those KB's have been patched in those servers.

    I have two text file, One contains servers list and other one contains KB list.

    Please find my script below.

    $computers = Get-Content -path "C:\Temp\Shalomon\MultipleKB\server_list.txt"
    $Patch = Get-Content -path "C:\Temp\Shalomon\MultipleKB\kb_list.txt"
    foreach ($computer in $computers)
    if (get-hotfix -id $Patch -ComputerName $computer -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
    Add-content "$Patch is Present in $computer" -path "C:\Temp\Shalomon\MultipleKB\Hotfix-Present.txt"
    Add-content "$Patch is not Present in $computer" -path "C:\Temp\Shalomon\MultipleKB\Missing-Hotfix.txt"

    **************But i get the output as

    KB4025337 KB4025252 is Present in vmpip-xxxx
    KB4025337 KB4025252 is Present in vmpip-yyyy
    KB4025337 KB4025252 is Present in VMPIP-zzzz

    Note: I do not get the servers in which the KB's are missing, Can someone help me out in this code!

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    Jeremy Corbello

    Here, use this one. Made it a while back to do exactly that.

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    Change this:

    get-hotfix -id $Patch -ComputerName $computer -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue


    get-hotfix -id $Patch -ComputerName $computer -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -outvariable patchresult

    Then do if your if/else on the $patchresult variable, if the variable is not null then you know you have the patch, if it's null then you don't have it.

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