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      I’m new to Powershell and to this fourm.

      I created a powershell script that reads from two different excel file and a few sheets within them and writes output to a new sheet in one of the two excel file. The script works perfectly fine from the a subdirectory under my desktop.

      However, if I copy the script and the excel files to a folder under c:\, the script does not run and locks the excel files as well.

      Seems like some basic parameter initiation but couldn’t figure out.

      I have these lines at the beginning:

      $objExcel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application


      Will the above lines work from any directory? Do I have to set any powershell configuration parameters (path etc.)?


      Everything else in the script is basically  assigning sheets to variables and processing cell values and writing to a new sheet.

      Appreciate any help!







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      Those lines should work no matter location.

      It would help if you included the full script (Please see how to format code).

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      The script must be running else it wouldn’t lock the files.
      How is your logging? Sounds like you’re lacking some as well as not having the right try/catch statements. See if you can narrow it down a bit by sprinkling in some status statements to see how far the script progresses.

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      Please post your code wrapping with PRE tags and also take a look at ImportExcel module…


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      Thank you, guys!

      I think I found the issue. The script is locking the excel files and thus it becomes read-only. So, I am not able to write to a new sheet within the excel file.

      As a remedy, I have changed the script to write the output to a new excel file and it works.

      Now, the same script does not lock the file if I run it from a folder under my user home directory.

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