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    I wish this post was still open for discussion. I have comments on it.


    1. all users have full control of the share
    2. all users have NTFS Write permissions on the folder
    3. Creator/Owner has NTFS Write permissions on the folder
    4. some admin group has NTFS read (and probably more) permissions on the folder

    #3 fixes the issue where #2 only allows any user to create a new log file in the share, but then they can't actually append any logging into that log file.

    also, am I the only person who finds it irritating that the powershell transcripting log file names don't contain the username, only the computer name? and this file name is not configurable via group policy? this seems counterproductive if the suggestion is to have everybody in the company log to a central location, and users are running scripts in RDP server sessions.

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