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    I have written a script to automatically zip log files. It works well and does exactly what I need it to, but I've noticed some strange behaviour on PS v1. The script is below. The aim of the script is to look at all the sub folders of D:\Logs. Any folders that are over 500Mb, the files between 30 – 90 days in the folder will be zipped into a subfolder called archive, into a file called archiveDate.zip. It uses 7za.exe to zip.

    The problem is this. I have created a scheduled task to run this script. When it runs from the scheduled task, it creates folder C:\archive which contains a zipped file called archiveDate.zip. The files that have been zipped are the contents of C:\WINDOWS\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0

    This only happens with PowerShell v1 – can anyone explain how this is happening?

    The scheduled task command to run the script is "Powershell -command D:\scripts\Archive-FilesPSv1.ps1 -MyPath D:\Logs -SizeLimit 250 -UpperLimit 31 -LowerLimit 15"


    [string]$MyPath = "D:\Logs",
    [int]$SizeLimit = "500",
    [int]$UpperLimit = "90",
    [int]$LowerLimit = "30"

    [string]$date=(get-date -format ddMMyy)

    $Collection = (gci $MyPath | where {$_.PSISContainer})

    foreach ($item in $Collection)
    $SubFolders = gci $item.fullname -recurse | where { !$_.PSISContainer } | Measure-Object -property length -sum
    [int]$size = "{0:N0}” -f ($SubFolders.sum / 1Mb)

    If ( $Size -gt $SizeLimit )
    $ZipPath = $item.fullname
    $ToZip = gci $ZipPath -Recurse -Exclude "*.zip" | where { !$_.PSISContainer -and $_.CreationTime -gt $90days -and $_.CreationTime -lt $30days}

    foreach ($file in $ToZip)
    $directory = $file.DirectoryName
    $ZipFIle = $file.FullName

    D:\Tools\7za\7za.exe a "$directory\archive\archive$date.zip" "$ZipFile"
    Remove-Item $ZipFIle



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    Honestly, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't recommend running PowerShell v1 anymore. You can deploy PowerShell 2.0 on any system that 1.0 supported, as far as I know (and PowerShell 3.0 / 4.0 on more current OS platforms.) Aside from all of the enhancements you'd get by upgrading, there are also plenty of bug fixes.

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    There's nothing obvious I can see but I suspect that you've tripped over some change between versions. What version of PowerShell are you using on the systems that work?

    Looking at your script there's a few things I'd point out:

    – Don't use aliases in the script. use Get-ChildItem instead of gci etc
    – your default values – you have a type of int but are giving the value as a string! You don't need the quotes.

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    Thanks for the tips on the script, I've made the changes you suggested. It works on Powershell v2 & 3. This is not the first time that v1 has done something unexpected when running a script so I have decided I will not run this script on anything that uses v1. I've published PowerShell updates through our WSUS server so will make the effort to get Powershell up to date.

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