powershell with LPR Command multiple printer

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    I am New in PowerShell, and i am trying to get this working, from a machine i would like to print the same file on multiple printer,
    so i used this Command to send the print to only a printer, and its works
    lpr -S Printeripadress -P raw filetoprint.txt
    i would like to create a text file with the ip of all the printer that i have,
    and send the print to this printer list. one after the other.
    Please Help 🙂

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    Don Jones

    foreach ($name in (Get-Content names.txt)) { assumes names.txt is one name per line
    lot -S $name -P raw filetoprint.txt

    Or something like that, I would imagine.

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    it works like charm! thank you Very much Mr! and that was very quick!

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    Hi All, all is good with this script,i am just thinking if it can diplay on the powershell terminal the current ip where the print is going?
    thanks in advance

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