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    I've been playing with DSC this week, building some classroom demos. The built-in resources work great, but I am having some issues with getting the DSC reskit x-resources to work.
    I've downloaded the DSC resource kit contents and placed them into c:\program files\windowspowershell\modules folder. If I do a get-module – I can see them all in the right place (per the dsc book). However, when I invoke Get-DSCResource, some of the dsc resources are not seen.

    If I use Get-Dscresource, I see this:

    [dc1]: PS C:\Users\Administrator\Documents> Get-DscResource x*
    ImplementedAs   Name                      Module                         Properties
    PowerShell      xADDomain                 MSFT_xADDomain                 {DomainAdministratorCredential, DomainName,...
    PowerShell      xADDomainController       MSFT_xADDomainController       {DomainAdministratorCredential, DomainName,...
    PowerShell      xADDomainTrust            MSFT_xADDomainTrust            {SourceDomainName, TargetDomainAdministrato...
    PowerShell      xADUser                   MSFT_xADUser                   {DomainAdministratorCredential, DomainName,...
    PowerShell      xWaitForADDomain          MSFT_xWaitForADDomain          {DomainName, DomainUserCredential, DependsO...
    PowerShell      xWinEventLog              MSFT_xWinEventLog              {LogName, DependsOn, IsEnabled, LogMode...}

    But if I do get-module, I see more, much more:

    [dc1]: PS C:\Users\tfl\Documents> get-module x* -list
        Directory: C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
    ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands
    Manifest   2.0        xActiveDirectory
    Manifest   0.1.0      xAzure
    Manifest   1.2        xComputerManagement
    Manifest   1.0        xDatabase
    Manifest   1.0        xDhcpServer
    Manifest   1.0        xDnsServer
    Manifest   2.0        xDscDiagnostics                     {Trace-xDscOperation, Get-xDscOperation, Update-xDscEventL...
    Script     1.1        xDSCResourceDesigner                {New-xDscResourceProperty, New-xDscResource, Update-xDscRe...
    Manifest   1.1        xFailOverCluster
    Manifest   2.1        xHyper-V
    Manifest   xJea                                {Show-JeaPresentation, show-JeaWhitePaper, Show-JeaExamples}
    Manifest   2.1        xNetworking
    Script    xPSDesiredStateConfiguration        {New-PSWSEndpoint, Set-AppSettingsInWebconfig}
    Manifest   1.0        xRemoteDesktopSessionHost
    Manifest   1.0        xSmbShare
    Manifest   1.1.1      xSqlPs
    Manifest   1.0        xSystemSecurity
    Manifest   1.2        xWebAdministration

    I am certainly missing something simple – I plead jetlag. Clues as to how to see the additional resources??

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    What is the version of WMF you are running? I don't think I have run into that issue before, and I just tested it now on the WMF 5.0 Preview and don't get the behavior you are experiencing.

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    Yeah, I'm not seeing it either. Wondering if you've got a goofed system.

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    Maybe try deleting all the modules and re-installing them? If you are using WMF 5.0 preview I would maybe try installing it using Find-Module and Install-Module.

    Find-Module | Where-Object Name -like "x*" | Install-Module
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    Hmm – this is repeatable and is happening on newly installed Server 2012 R2 w/update 1 boxes freshly created.

    I will try to add WMF5 and see what good that does.

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    I just so happen to brand new Server 2012 R2 Update 1 box that I built this morning in my lab. It has WMF 4.0 and after downloading the Resource Kit Wave 4 package I can't reproduce the issue. What you are experiencing is pretty strange and I don't really have any ideas.

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    I gave up and installed the latest WMF 5.0 drop and all works a treat.

    I am loving DSC but there's a lot to learn!

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    Was that server built from MSDN media? If so, you need to make sure to install KB2883200; it was released after the MSDN builds went up, but is already incorporated into the GA downloads.

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