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    This script runs without error, but I don't think the switch statement has been implemented correctly. The results apply all registry entries based on the lines of code in the switch block. It should "not" apply $RBM01, because it does not exist in $app.

    Please help. Code below

    New-Item -Path HKLM:\Software\Geneva\Warehousing -Name Packages
    $app = get-childitem c:\install\$computername
    $computername = (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem).__Server
    $Bginfo = set-itemproperty -Path HKLM:\Software\Geneva\Warehousing\Packages -name 'trial_03' -value NOV0173
    $RBM03 = set-itemproperty -Path HKLM:\Software\Geneva\Warehousing\Packages -name 'support_03' -value NOV01797
    $RBM01 = set-itemproperty -Path HKLM:\Software\Geneva\Warehousing\Packages -name 'trial_01' -value NOV01796
    switch ($app)
    ($app -eq '*trial_03*') {$Bginfo}
    ($app -eq '*support_03*') {$RBM03}
    ($app -eq '*trial_01*') {$RBM01}

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    Robert Westerlund

    I will refer to code lines using the number 1-12, to make it easier to talk about the code.

    On line 4-6 you're setting your registry keys, before you have even come to the switch statement. Therefore you will always be creating the registry keys, no matter the value of $app.

    Line 7-12 will make the code return (write as output, Write-Output) one of the item properties saved on line 4-6, depending on the value of the $app variable, or at least could have. However, -eq doesn't do pattern matching and the "*" character is not a valid character in a file name, so I'm guessing you really want to a wildcard search. You should then write your switch statement similar to the following:

    switch -Wildcard ($app)
    	"*trial_03*" { < # do trial 03 stuff here#> }
    	"*support_03*" { < # do support 03 stuff here#> }
    	"*trial_01*" { < # do trial 01 stuff here#> }

    Additionally, on line 3 you're setting the $computername variable, but you're using it the line before, on line 2. I'm guessing this is not what you want to do, so these lines should probably swap places.

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