PS3 2nd ed; Month of Lunches CH 9 Pipeline deeper (Get-Service)

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    Jeff Taylor

    I can successfully return my 2012 R2 DCs using this:

    Get-ADComputer -Filter * -SearchBase "ou=domain controllers,dc=myCompany,dc=com"

    but when trying to run this from page 113

    Get-Service -ComputerName (Get-ADComputer -Filter * -SearchBase "ou=domain controllers,dc=myCompany,dc=com" | Select-Object -Expand name)

    ...I get error:

    Get-Service : Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer 'DC1'. This operation might require other privileges.

    I am logged onto a DC as my DA account. I launched PS as "Administrator".

    Also, the example on pg 116 fails as well with a similar error

    Get-Process -ComputerName (Import-Csv .\temp\computers.csv | select -ExpandProperty hostname)

    Get-Process : Couldn't connect to remote machine.

    ..even though the Import-csv outputs my DCs contained in the csv

    I have to get past the access denied errors in order to make use good progress with this book.

    thank you

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    Dan Potter

    You probably don't want to use the computername switch when you're logged onto a dc. Try it from your desktop using runas. It works for me however the output isn't even practical so I don't know why it would be included as an example.

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    Jeff Taylor

    thanks Dan...Run As "my DA account" worked for both gp and gsv examples in this chapter.

    1) I have a desktop that I log into as a non-privileged user
    2) I launched PS with run as "my DA account" in order execute PS queries against DC's processes and services.

    I think the output is not the point other than showing the benefit of the extended piping to PS newbies like me.

    thanks again

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