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    Vincent Nunnari

    Hi Guys,

    Into one "command prompt" :
    I'am connecting my local computer to a MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER by doing a "New-pssession"
    Then, iam getting all the COMMANDS on the local machine by doing a "Import-pssession".
    So, i can use all the CMDLET to interact with MICROSOFT EXCHANGE.
    Also, if iam doing a "get-pssession" i can the PSSESSION is returned with few informations.

    The problem is the following !
    i open a new "command prompt" :
    I try to catch the existing PSSESSION by doing a "get-pssession".
    (but nothing is retured)

    Why? Is there any possibility to catch an existing PSSESSION by opening a new powershell process?
    hope you can help

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    Dan Potter

    If you're talking on-prem exchange than just install the module.

    For cloud use export-pssession to save the cmdlets locally. I would get in the habit of updating the module regularly though, Microsoft isn't going to let you know when they change.

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    Dan Potter

    Export-PSSession $Session -OutputModule ExchangeOnline -Force -AllowClobber

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    Vincent Nunnari

    This is how i'am connecting :
    $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri http://xxxxxxxxxxx.domain/powershell/ -Authentication Kerberos -Credential $mycreds -Name $sessionName

    Let me explain my project :
    – A PHP WEB application running on a WINDOWS APACHE webserver is executing a local powershell script each time you click on a button. This script is connecting to EXCHANGE and can also create/delete/modify a mailbox into exchange.
    So, each time a button is clicked, a new POWERSHELL process is launched, and a new connexion between the local server and the Exchange server is done. This is bad, and too slow... i want the script to catch an existant connexion so we do not have to connect again and to load all the CMDLET..

    How can i do?

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    Vincent Nunnari

    Also, this is "on premise" exchange.
    What is the module you're talking about?

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    Dan Potter

    Get the exchange installation files and install the management tools only.

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    Vincent Nunnari

    I did it.
    I still cannot retrieve a PSSESSION from another prompt.
    But thanks to you, i don't not need anymore to import all the MSEXCH CMDLET, it's a powerfull gain of time.
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

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    Dan Potter

    Yep, it's called implicit remoting.

    Very helpful to know what the difference is especially if you start working in the cloud.

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