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    I have a very simple/quick question:

    I'm going through Learn Windows Powershell 3 In a Month of Lunches and I noticed something odd about the "Get-Help" command. (Specifically Chapter 3 page 26)

    In the book when listing syntax for say the Get-Help Get-Eventlog command it will show the following:

    Get-EventLog [-LogName] [ [ -InstanceID] ] etc etc

    If I actually run Get-Help Get-EventLog I see this:

    Get-EventLog [-LogName] [-InstanceId] etc etc

    The only way I can get the syntax in the help file to match the examples in the book is if I run the command with the online parameter as follows:

    Get-Help Get-EventLog -online

    It will then open a web page and the syntax matches the book examples. It's not a huge deal but something doesn't seem quite right to me. Am I missing something? Could someone set me straight?


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    Don Jones

    There's a bug in the downloaded help files right now. See my blog post on the main page. 🙁

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    Bah sorry! I came straight to the forums rather than skim over your blog posts. 🙂

    Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction! Have a great night.

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