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      being a beginning programmer in PowerShell, I have a script I can send a message to all workstations in a domain which are powered on and which are currently logged on.

      The message is being send as

      Invoke-WmiMethod -Path Win32_Process -Name Create -ArgumentList “msg * $msg” -ComputerName $comp | Out-Null

      but I would like to use the MessageBox.

      Is this possible and how?

      Any help is appreciated.



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      What is “msg * $msg”? This appears that it is running a msg.exe on the client and sending a passed message? This code is starting a process on the remote client, but not sure what msg is?

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      MSG.exe is an old way to send network messages. It’s similar to how an admin would send shutdown message to users. There used to be a messenger service you had to enable.

      What he’s doing with the * though is sending a message to all users of that particular computer, versus specifying a username, sessionname, sessionid. In my testing it always comes up as a message box already. What exactly are you seeing on the remote machines?

      Please note the following.

      1. You can use msg.exe natively, you don’t need to invoke a powershell command. Simply use msg /server:remotepc * 'message'
      2. You need administrative rights on the target nodes otherwise the message will be be sent to the local machine.

      I hope this helps.


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