Quick question regarding Terminal Services Home Folders

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    Jonas Andresen

    I need to move a buttload of home directories which I have covered with the following command.

    Get-Content c:\scripts\test.txt | Foreach-Object {set-aduser $_ -HomeDirectory "\\ourserver\homedir\$_"}

    But that only covers the home directory. How can I change the Terminal Services Home Folder?
    Also known as the Remote Desktop Services Home Folder:
    Screenshot of the attribute I need to change.

    I checked the attribute editor and found nothing. I checked set-aduser and get-aduser's get-help list and didnt find anything.
    How can I edit this attribute from Powershell?

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    i did this with ADSI

    $ou = [adsi]"$($OU)"
    $user = $ou.psbase.get_children().find($DN)


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    Jonas Andresen

    Hey Selko,

    Oh that's pretty cool. Haven't heard of that before.

    Just wondering how this finds the correct OU? Doesnt it just .. search for itself?

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