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    I have been working on using DSC to setup our test web servers. Part of the DSC script is to install coldfusion which requires a reboot. I swear, a few weeks ago this was working famously and the vm would reboot after installing coldfusion.

    I resumed testing and developing today and the reboot portion of the program is no longer working, even though all signs say it should be.

    Here is the LCM configuration on the target machine:

    ActionAfterReboot              : ContinueConfiguration
    AgentId                        : EC3F61DA-5D5D-11E5-9745-00155D010277
    AllowModuleOverWrite           : True
    CertificateID                  :
    ConfigurationDownloadManagers  : {[ConfigurationRepositoryShare]DSCSMB::[LCMPULL].::[LCMPULL].}
    ConfigurationID                : 5867bd2d-56d8-4a8b-8e31-36636dacf04e
    ConfigurationMode              : ApplyAndAutoCorrect
    ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins : 15
    Credential                     :
    DebugMode                      : {NONE}
    DownloadManagerCustomData      :
    DownloadManagerName            :
    LCMCompatibleVersions          : {1.0, 2.0}
    LCMState                       : PendingConfiguration
    LCMStateDetail                 :
    LCMVersion                     : 2.0
    MaxPendingConfigRetryCount     :
    StatusRetentionTimeInDays      : 10
    PartialConfigurations          :
    RebootNodeIfNeeded             : True
    RefreshFrequencyMins           : 30
    RefreshMode                    : Pull
    ReportManagers                 : {}
    ResourceModuleManagers         : {}
    PSComputerName                 :

    I can even see in the verbose output of update-dscconfiguration that the server knows it needs to reboot:

    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]: LCM:  [ Start  Set      ]  [[Package]coldFusion]
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Validate-StandardArguments, Path was PATH
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] The path extension was .exe
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Ensure is Present
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] product installation cannot be determined
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] product as boolean is False
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] The package Adobe ColdFusion 9 is not installed
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Validate-StandardArguments, Path was PATH
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] The path extension was .exe
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Package configuration starting
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Create log file
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Mount share to get media
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] The binary is an EXE
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] User has requested logging, need to attach event handlers to the process
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Starting PATH with -f SILENTPATH
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Starting process PATH with arguments -f SILENTPATH
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] The machine requires a reboot
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Package has been installed
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]:                            [[Package]coldFusion] Package configuration finished
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]: LCM:  [ End    Set      ]  [[Package]coldFusion]  in 210.0380 seconds.
    VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]: LCM:  [ End    Resource ]  [[Package]coldFusion]

    As you can see, it says in the verbose output "VERBOSE: [QWDSC01]: [[Package]coldFusion] The machine requires a reboot". So obviously the machine recognizes it needs to reboot, but it looks like the RebootNodeIfNeeded setting is not working and rebooting the machine as it goes onto the next resource which throws an error because the machine needs to reboot first...

    I am running out of rocks to turn over and am baffled by this. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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    I'd try this on a fresh VM as a test. If it continues not to work, and you're using the latest WMF code, bug it in Connect.

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