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    Andrew Moreland

    Happy Christmas,

    I'm starting the recruitment process for two roles – that amongst other things require a healthy dose of Powershell knowledge, the role will include the automation of several 'SaaS' product offerings and as such will utilise Powershell DSC.

    I know I am going to struggle to get someone with practical experience of DSC, especially the creation of DSC resources in production, and if I'm honest DSC can taught/learnt but the right person with good Powershell skills, right IT experience and attitude is far more important.

    How have people here gone around recruitment for Powershell 'experts'? I'm considering creating a competency 'exam', where I give someone a computer and ask them to solve a number of 'puzzles' to assess their technical ability as well as style and way of working. If you were looking for a role, would this put you off, what are you looking for in your next role? For those that recruit, how do you attract people in this area?



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    David Johnson

    Hi Andrew,

    How did your search go? I have to say, the idea of the competency test wouldn't put me off at all. In a world where it's frequently not possible to show examples of developed production code for IP reasons, it's one of the best ways to prove one's abilities.


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