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    Hello Guys,
    I want to create a sharedfolder for 20 users on remote server + need to provide the ntfs permissions using powershell.
    1) In Each shared folder – share permissions (everyone – full control)
    2) Under Security Tab – User(Modify access), Domain admin(Modifty) and administrator(Full control) should only be there.
    Please provide any suggestion
    any help would be appreciated.

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    Rob Simmers

    Have you done any research? A quick search I found this:
    There are many examples and scripts for managing permission. Try to put something together with these examples and if you have issues let us know.

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    Thank you for your rply @Rob Simmers. I have checked into it, but I tried to do on my local machine first. but somehow I am unable to do it.

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    Daniel Krebs

    Please post code snippets of what you've tried with the error messages you've received. Please also let us know which operating systems you're running on your local machine and the remote server you want to configure.

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    Thank you for your time @daniel Krebs.

    I got this code from some source
    I first want to run this on my local system instead of running on the remote server

    $Perm = Get-Acl "D:\Scripts\testfolder"
    $User_perm = "BIJODEV","FullControl","Allow"
    $Objects = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule $User_perm
    $Perm | Set-Acl "D:\Scripts\testfolder"

    "I am trying to run this command over my local system it's win7"

    "In Office we are using Windows 2008 server."

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