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    Hi, I wrote a custom module, then reistered it, as I understand

    1-  created a directory in with the same name of the function in


    2 – save the file as psm1 in this directory as "MyFunction-Salam.psm1" , fired PowerShell, when I try to execute the function I get

    The term 'MyFunction-Salam' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

    when I issue

    Get-Module -ListAvailable

    I can see my module in the list under


    Here is the body of the fucntion

    function global:MyFunction-Salam
    [string[]] $FileLocation

    Code Code Code

    Write-Output " $i File Inserted successfully... Below Is list of files"


    Do I need to restart the machine

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    Well, I (and whoever going to reply after me) will suggest you to take some time to go through some basics. You can read below blog post by Kevin as a quick reference. "Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches" is the best recommended book to start with.

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