Remove ADGroupMember except domain users and others

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    Tony Antony


    I have an AD User, Person2 with some memberships such as Domain Users, IntranetAccess, 5005 Email, 5005 Security

    How would I remove all memeberships except Domain users and Intranet Access?

    I found the solution earlier months ago, but now I can't find it.

    I know you can use

    Remove-ADGroupMember -Identity "5005 Email" -Members person2

    to just remove 5005 email



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    This will be a lot of effort for one user, I assume this is an example for a larger project.

    #Create an array of the DNs of the groups to keep
    $keep = @(
      'CN=Domain Users,CN=Users,DC=test,DC=com',   #probably not necessary, primary group usually handled separately
    #get user's groups DNs
    $user = 'Fred Smith'
    $grps = get-aduser $user -properties memberof | select -expand memberof
    #remove all except $keep
    $grps | %{$keep -notcontains $_} | Remove-ADGroupmember $user -whatif

    Remove -whatif once tested

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    Tony Antony

    Thank you,

    I saw something along the lines of this a few weeks ago also, I know this doesn't work, but it looked something like this:

    suppose to: Gets the groupmembership of person2, and removes everything except Domain Users

    (Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership -Identity person2).name | Remove-ADGroupMember where{$_.(Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership -Identity person) -ne "Domain Users"}
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    Tony Antony

    I'm not sure if I'm thinking this correctly, but since I can do

    Remove-ADGroupMember -Identity "5005 Email" -Members person2

    to remove that permission , is there a way to add

    where{$ -ne "Domain users"}

    so that it removes all groups except Domain Users?

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    With AD groups, its important to understand how the data is stored. Groups are not stored in the user object, it's a calculated field. Members are stored in the group object. So its not a matter of removing groups from a user, you have to remove the user from each group he is in.

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    Tony Antony

    Thank you Ron,

    I understand you remove a user from the group, and not vice versa.

    That's what I'm trying to figure out. I saw an example earlier, but I can't find the link.

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    You could do it that way for a single group, but you would have to compare the DN, not the CN. When you retrieve a user's group memberships, all you get is an array of DNs. You can then filter that list to remove the group(s) you want to keep and pipe it to remove-adgroupmember. But you'll need to use the full DN(s) in your filter.

    Try This:

    (get-aduser person2 -properties memberof).memberof

    You should see 2 things. The data returned is just a list(array) of DNs. The Primary Group, Domains Users, is not listed.

    So, assuming you want to remove all groups except the Primary group:

    (get-aduser person2 -properties memberof).memberof|remove-adgroupmember person2
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      Tony Antony
      (get-aduser person2 -properties memberof).memberof|remove-adgroupmember person2

      When I do that, it's asking for Members[0]:

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      (get-aduser person2 -properties memberof).memberof|remove-adgroupmember -member person2

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