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    I looking to remove activesync devices associated with a user.
    I'm having issues with the part2 "The operation couldn't be performed because xxxxxxxxxxxx matches multiple entries."

    #import users
    $users = Get-Content -Path "C:\RemoveActiveSync.txt"

    #Part 1:Remove allowed and blocked devices
    foreach ($user in $users){Set-CASMailbox -Identity $user -ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs:$null; Set-CASMailbox -Identity $user -ActiveSyncblockedDeviceIDs:$null}

    #Part 2:Remove the device partnership from the user.
    foreach ($user in $users){
    $EASDEVICES = Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox $user | select Identity
    foreach ($EASDEVICE in $EASDEVICES) {Remove-MobileDevice -Identity $EASDEVICE.identity -Confirm:$false

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    Do you have a duplicate entry in your RemoveActiveSync.txt file?

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    No duplicate entries in the list.
    Can you tell me if the syntax looks correct for the nested foreach?

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    I'm not familiar with the MobileDevice commands, but the online help doesn't show an "Identity" parameter as output from Get-MobileDevice. If it is there, its clearly not a unique ID. You should run the command manually and output all of the fields. Pick an appropriate identity parameter that will be unique. My guess would be DeviceID.

    Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox someuser | fl *
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    Ron has a good point there.

    Check the help system, but also the help online:

    This works for me, for a single user:

    $easDevice = Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox | select Identity
    foreach ( $easDevice in $easDevices ) { Remove-MobileDevice -Identity $easDevice.Identity -Confirm:$false }

    To verified the identity part, I checked the $easDevice variable. This containss the following array, which are correct entries for the -Identity parameter of Remove-MobileDevice:

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    This script is working. A few users are causing this error. "The operation couldn't be performed because 'xxxxxxx\ExchangeActiveSyncDevices\iPhone§3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' matches multiple entries."

    I going to pull them out of the list and manually try to remove the device.

    foreach ($user in $users){Set-CASMailbox -Identity $user -ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs:$null; Set-CASMailbox -Identity $user -ActiveSyncblockedDeviceIDs:$null}

    foreach ($user in $users){
    $EASDEVICES = Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox $user | select Identity; foreach ($EASDEVICE in $EASDEVICES) {Remove-MobileDevice -Identity $EASDEVICE.identity -Confirm:$false}

    Thanks Richard for the tweak !!!

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    No problem. I'm happy it worked for you. 🙂

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