Remove WMF 5.0 From Exchange 2013

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    WMF5.0 got installed on an Exchange 2013 Server (not supported, as it breaks the Exchange Management Shell). The problem we are having is that we can't uninstall it, which i've never run into before and I am hoping someone has some ideas.

    We've tried:
    Uninstalling through control panel (no option to uninstall)
    Uninstalling using the command wusa uninstall /kb:3134758
    Uninstalling using DISM DISM.exe /Online /Remove-Package /PackageName:Package_for_KB3134758~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ /quiet /norestart
    Interestingly enough when we run the command dism /online /get-packages /format:table > patches.txt the WMF 5.0 patch doesn't even show up in the last, but it shows up in Programs and Features.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

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    Don Jones

    I don't believe downgrading is actually supported.

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