Removing CRLF from CSV created by SQL query

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    Nathan W

    Hello everyone.
    I have a script that executes a stored procedure on a MSSQL server and creates an CSV. The problem I am having is that one of the database fields in the query is a free form text filed and in many entries it contains CRLF's. This is causing the CSV to not format correctly. I am looking to add a to my script a method to remove these extra CRLF's. I would be grateful for any assistance.


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    Just use the -replace option with a RegEx match or depending on the string a -split make work as well.

    See this discussion on the very site as well...

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    Nathan W

    Thanks for the feed back. I have looked over the examples and tried to do some experimenting and so far have come up short.
    The CSV I am creating from the SQL query is being pipe delimited so what I really need to do is to remove any CRLF's that are between the pipes.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Bill C

    So replace `r`n in all strings with nothing if you end up with one long line at the end add + "`r`n" at the end of each line.
    Note the single and double quotes.
    $My_String = $My_String.Replace("`r`n",")
    # adding Carriage return + New line to end of the string if all the lines are double spaced remove the below line.
    $My_String = $My_String + "`r`n"

    I think this would be of help
    Escape characters, Delimiters and Quotes
    `0 Null
    `a Alert bell/beep
    `b Backspace
    `f Form feed (use with printer output)
    `n New line
    `r Carriage return
    `r`n Carriage return + New line
    `t Horizontal tab
    `v Vertical tab (use with printer output)

    Hope this helps

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