Rename Files based on rolling files present.


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    I have multiple servers as Server1, Server2, Server3,........ServerN (N is a finite no)

    On Each server I need to search for a specific file File234.deg in specific location as \\ServerN\E$\Folder1(No Sub folder search is needed, search is restricted up to Folder1 only)

    If file is present I need to rename (rolling backup like *.deg01/*.deg02) the file (File234.deg) based on condition whether how many rolling files are already there. I need to create next rolling file. For Ex:

    1. If no rolling files are there rename File234.deg to File234.deg01

    2. If rolling files present are File234.deg01 and File234.deg02 then I should rename file to File234.deg03. There is a finite limit to the rolling files numbers too here.

    After taking the rolling backup I need to create a fresh empty file with the same name as before File234.deg in the same location

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    Richard Siddaway

    What does your code look like so far? is there a specific point at which you're stuck?

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