Resending Emails from Outlook

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    I'm a decent powershell scripter....but I had a request today that I'm not sure is possible. Well it definitely isn't with my current coding experience! or lack of!

    So trying to do this:

    1. Search several mailboxes sent items
    2. Find specific emails based on date range
    3. Resend each of those emails

    I know with powershell we can search the mailbox and filter based on the date range but I don't think you do much with it.
    So wondering if anybody with Exchange EWS experience....if this would be possible?
    or maybe if anybody has any suggestions on how to do this?


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    Don Jones

    I'm not sure this is possible, at least with PowerShell. You might be able to cobble something with MAPI but I'm skeptical – you'd be exercising "send on behalf of" permissions, and those have always been odd programmatically.

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    Yeah...I had a feeling that might be the case with powershell.
    I know some things are easier with the EWS API...but i'm just not familiar enough with that to do anything with it.

    Found some links i'm going through...

    EWS – Get Items
    EWS – Sending
    EWS – Forwarding Emails

    Oh well....guess they will just have to do it all by hand!

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    You'd probably have to resort to the builtin scripting language, VBA.

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