Restart IIS Application Pool when CPU is 100%

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    Can someone help me out with a script that when CPU on server is 100% due to some crazy application pools so the script recycle the application pools that is listed or mention in the script.

    For example if I have a application pool called app01 app02 app03 so the CPU is very high and I already know its due to these 3 app pool so they should be recycle.

    Thanks in advance.

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    IIS management has those options of limiting the threshold for when it should recycle the pool
    you can set it per RAM, per CPU usage, and more options.

    while doing it in PS is a nice exercise, I think if the product already gives you the options built-in, you should use it first.

    Could try

    Edit: you should also be looking at other factors if your app pools behave like that, starting from hardware issues (memory) or usually better coding needed ofr the web site and more

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    I'll add my $.02, which is that PowerShell isn't designed for this kind of long-term, ongoing monitoring-and-reaction. You would need a proper monitoring system, like SCOM, which could run PowerShell scripts as needed to react to the current situation.

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