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      Hi all!

      I require some assistance in retrieving the subject of the most recent email from a particular sender.

      The breakdown: Upon creation of a project within a online software app, an email from the app is automatically sent to my inbox. Using Power Automate, I have created a flow that when an email arrives from the particular sender with a particular subject content (using the conditional trigger), an azure automation script is run. I am using powershell (within the azure automation interface) to write a script that creates a MS team:

          [string]$teamname, #The name of the Team
          [string]$teamowner, #The email address of the owner of the Team
          [string]$teamalias #The bit of the teamname you want to be the URL
      #Connect to Teams PowerShell
      $cred = Get-AutomationPSCredential -Name "TeamsAdmin"
      $teams = Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $cred
      #Create the Team
      $newteam = New-Team -Alias $teamalias -DisplayName $teamname -Owner $teamowner -AccessType Private 
      #Return to Flow the new teams GroupID by passing the object as JSON
      write-output $newteam | convertto-json

      Instead of inserting parameters such as the name of the team, I am wanting the script to data mine through outlook, find the most recent email from the particular sender AND of a particular subject, then retrieve part of the subject name to use as the team name. The email subject is of the format: “Blah Blah part of subject I want as team name Blah Blah”, unsure whether it would be easier to retrieve the entire subject name then remove the Blah parts later.

      Thanks for any and all assistance!

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      Have you looked at EWS?

      Not really a fan of Office COM if it can be avoided. The script could be run from anywhere (with EWS installed) versus running on a workstation with Office and Outlook configured.

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