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      I am trying to run a simple powershell script to copy all changed files to another server as it is not in a domain so using DFS is not an option. The script is as follows,

      $Source = gci “Path” -Recurse | Where-Object{$_.Name -notlike “*.log”}
      $Dest = “\\IP\e$”
      $Username = “USERNAME”
      $Password = get-content “PATH” | convertto-securestring
      $mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($Username, $Password)
      $Logfile = “PATH\Filesync_$todays_date.log”
      #Delete log file if larger than 1GB
      Get-ChildItem “PATH” | Where-Object{$_.Length -gt 1gb} | Remove-Item
      #Copy data to Server
      New-PSDrive -Name x -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $Dest -Credential $mycreds
      Robocopy $Source $Dest /MIR /log:$Logfile
      Remove-PSDrive -Name X


      My issue is that i get the below error. From what i can see this is a name length issue with powershell. I cannot change the file names as they are used by the application. Is there another way to get round this?

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      Hello Leon,

      Looks like the error message didn’t come through. Please upload the error message as well for review. You can use /XF selection option to exclude the log files. Example below.

      Robocopy.exe $Source $Destination /XF *.log
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