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    I have a small script I put together to search for workstations with a specific application involved. The script gets a list of computers running Windows 7 from AD, checks whether each is online, then does a wmi query for Name in Win32_Product on that computer. It works, but it's slow. Between the time required for the wmi query and the fact that it runs them one at a time, it takes hours to complete.

    Is it possible to make it run the wmi query against multiple computers at once, rather than one at a time?

    `$Computers = (get-adcomputer -server chc-dcrd -filter {operatingsystem -like "Windows 7*"} -Property Name,OperatingSystem | select -first 5)
    foreach($i in $Computers){
        if(test-connection -quiet -count 1 -cn $ {
            write-output $i.Name
            Get-WmiObject  -ComputerName $ -Query "Select * from Win32_Product Where Name like '%$Key%'" |
            select -property PSComputerName,Version |
            export-csv -path $CSVFile -append
        else {out-file [string]$i.Name -filepath c:\temp\Offline.txt -append}

    This is my first post here, I recently discovered the site thanks to the incredible Getting Started with Powershell 3.0 jump start a few weeks ago.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer!

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    Yes, part of the problem is that a foreach loop is serial. So it will take a very long time to run.

    Another problem that you're faced with is that Win32_Product is not query optimized. Microsoft recommends that you do not query it. So please keep that in mind. For example try running your get-wmiobject query on just your computer and see how long it takes. I ran Get-WmiObject -Class win32_product -Filter "name=software123" and it took 2 minutes to run.

    However, using your code here is what I came up with:

    invoke-command -computername (get-adcomputer -server chc-dcrd -filter {operatingsystem -like "Windows 7*"}).name -scriptblock {Get-WmiObject -Query "Select * from Win32_Product Where Name like '%$Key%'"}

    I would also suggest that you consider making this into a function with parameters. You can could then pass in computer names from the get-adcomputer.

    Finally, I would recommend writing your script to query the uninstall registry key. I think you might find it much faster.

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    Get-WmiObject has an -AsJob parameter which would probably be helpful here. Unlike the Start-Job cmdlet, workflows, etc (which all start up multiple PowerShell sessions), the WMI -AsJob option is multithreaded (runs in a single PowerShell session).

    I have a script up on the TechNet Script Center repository ( that is an example of how you can use this approach. It's based around the Test-Connection cmdlet, but the same rules apply for Get-WmiObject.

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    You could also look at workflows if you are using PowerShell 3.0 or later. Workflows can leverage script blocks with commands that are executed in parallel, and they also support a -Parallel switch on the foreach statement, allowing for parallel execution of a script block while referencing a parameter (the item in a command being processed). For more information see:

    Import-Module PSWorkflow
    help about_workflows
    help about_Foreach-Parallel

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm playing with a couple of the suggestions, but I think Lery is probably on the right track, and I'll end up trying to query the registry key instead of wmi.

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