Run local cmdlets on remote machines

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    I installed WMF 5.1, and I want to run some cmdlets (ex: Get-localuser), but I want to run it on servers that don't have any of those cmdlets because they are on older versions of PowerShell. Is that possible? The Servers are 2012R2

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    No, you cant use Get-localuser, try Get-WmiObject -Class win32_useraccount

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      Thanks for the response. Just to be sure, is it possible at all to use cmdlets that are available on on one machine against a remote machine, if that remote machine doesn't have the same version of Powershell, but the OS on both machines are the same?

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    Richard Siddaway

    Any cmdlet you call using a remoting session OR through Invoke-Command must exist on the remote machine. You CAN'T use a local cmdlet in a remoting session (or Invoke-Command) against a remote machine.

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