SCCM application copy and modification of property values

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    Hi folks. I've been searching online on how to copy and modify a current SCCM application (not package) via powershell. Now i'm seeing options for export and import-cmapplication and set-CMapplication on technet but for the property fields, i'm not seeing an option to modify granular fields such as the "content-location" value which is within the "deployment types" tab for any given application property. I need to change the UNC path but don't see an option within set-cmapplication to get this portion done. Can someone advise if this is even possible. I'm not asking for code, just direction if it's possible or not. Thanks much

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    Don Jones

    Unfortunately not, if I'm understanding the question correctly. System Center Software Deployment – sorry, I mean SCCM 🙂 – doesn't yet fully expose everything via PowerShell.

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    Haha, thanks again for replying Don. I am able to pull several bits of info via a WMI call but it does not include the UNC path for the "content-location" as you already mention above. Thank you sir!

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    Just an update, it is possible to update the "content-location" for an application housed in SCCM using Powershell. Here's the line of code needed below

    Set-CMDeploymentType -ApplicationName "WinZip 7.8" -DeploymentTypeName "[INSTALL] WinZip 7.8" -MsiOrScriptInstaller -ContentLocation "\\Server1111\stagedpath\application"

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