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    Prakash Murugesan

    whats wrong with this command, I get item not found exception. not sure what object is missing/need to ne removed.

    Set-CMTaskSequenceDeployment -AllowUseRemoteDistributionPoint $true -TaskSequenceName 'Test' -CollectionName "OSD_WS12DCR2_SF_REF_IMG" -MakeAvailableTo ClientsMediaAndPxe -SendWakeUpPacket $False -UseMeteredNetwork $False -AllowUsersRunIndependently $False -RerunBehavior AlwaysRerunProgram -ShowTaskSequenceProgress $True -SoftwareInstallation $True -SystemRestart $True -DeploymentOption DownloadContentLocallyWhenNeededByRunningTaskSequence -ScheduleEvent AsSoonAsPossible

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    Jonathan Warnken

    @Prakash start by just specifying the required parameters and then add in the other options. You can use get-help or msdn

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    Prakash Murugesan

    Mandatory Fields

    TaskSequenceName	TRUE
    TaskSequencePackageId	TRUE
    TaskSequenceDeploymentId	TRUE
    InputObject	TRUE
    CollectionName	True True False
    Comment	FALSE
    SendWakeupPacket	FALSE
    UseMeteredNetwork	FALSE
    MakeAvailableTo	FALSE
    DeploymentAvailableDay	FALSE
    DeploymentAvailableTime	FALSE
    DeploymentAvailableDateTime	FALSE
    UseUtcForAvailableSchedule	FALSE
    DeploymentExpireDay	FALSE
    DeploymentExpireTime	FALSE
    DeploymentExpireDateTime	FALSE
    UseUtcForExpireSchedule	FALSE
    ScheduleEvent	FALSE
    Schedule	FALSE
    RerunBehavior	FALSE
    AllowUsersRunIndependently	FALSE
    ShowTaskSequenceProgress	FALSE
    SoftwareInstallation	FALSE
    SystemRestart	FALSE
    PersistOnWriteFilterDevice	FALSE
    InternetOption	FALSE
    DeploymentOption	FALSE
    AllowSharedContent	FALSE
    AllowFallback	FALSE
    CreateAlertOnSuccess	FALSE
    PercentSuccess	FALSE
    AlertDay	FALSE
    AlertTime	FALSE
    AlertDateTime	FALSE
    CreateAlertOnFailure	FALSE
    PercentFailure	FALSE
    PassThru	FALSE
    DisableWildcardHandling	FALSE
    ForceWildcardHandling	FALSE
    Verbose	FALSE
    Debug	FALSE
    ErrorAction	FALSE
    WarningAction	FALSE
    ErrorVariable	FALSE
    WarningVariable	FALSE
    OutVariable	FALSE
    OutBuffer	FALSE
    PipelineVariable	FALSE
    WhatIf	FALSE
    Confirm	FALSE

    But MSDN example don't have TaskSequenceDeploymentId, so trying to get exact error detail.

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