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    by scottbass at 2013-04-07 22:59:42


    Here is an excerpt from a script:

    [String[]] $dirs


    foreach ($dir in $delsasdirs) {
    if ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess(
    try {
    Remove-Item $dir.Fullname `
    -Recurse `
    -Verbose:($PSBoundParameters.Verbose -eq $true) `
    -ErrorAction "Continue"
    catch {
    Write-Error "$_"

    When I just run the script within a Powershell console window, all is well. Example invocations:

    .\cleanwork.ps1 -dirs F:\SASWork, F:\SASUtil # directories are silently deleted
    .\cleanwork.ps1 -dirs F:\SASWork, F:\SASUtil -debug # displays low level details of what directories are to be deleted
    .\cleanwork.ps1 -dirs F:\SASWork, F:\SASUtil -confirm # requests confirmation on whether to delete the directory
    .\cleanwork.ps1 -dirs F:\SASWork, F:\SASUtil -whatif # displays which directories would be deleted

    However, this needs to be a scheduled task (Windows Server 2008), and I want any console input captured in a log, so the invocation string is:

    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command ".\cleanwork.ps1 -dirs F:\SASWork, F:\SASUtil -debug > .\cleanwork.log 2>&1"
    where the current directory is the directory containing the script.

    When I run this invocation string, I'm always getting asked to confirm the deletion of the directories.

    I'm thinking the issue is the interaction of ConfirmImpact and $ConfirmPreference. I've tried:


    with values of "High", "Medium", and "Low", but I always get asked to confirm the Remove-Item command. This of course hangs the scheduled task.

    Any thoughts?


    by happysysadm at 2013-04-08 06:47:22

    Hi Scott,

    maybe it won't help you, but why don't you use the -Force parameter?


    by scottbass at 2013-04-08 17:51:27


    I've solved this issue. My problem was "overloading" the -debug switch.

    I had this code to write diagnostic information to the console, to trace some internal logic:

    if ($PSBoundParameters.Debug) {
    $fmt=@{Expression={$_.ID};Label="SAS Process ID";width=20},@{Expression={"{0:X8}" -f $_.ID};Label="SAS Process ID (hex)";width=20}
    "SAS Work/Utility Directories Found:"
    $allsasdirs | Format-Table -Property Fullname -AutoSize
    "SAS Process IDs:"
    $pids | Format-Table $fmt -AutoSize
    "SAS Work/Utility Directories with Active SAS Process:"
    $matchsasdirs | Format-Table -Property Fullname -AutoSize
    "SAS Work/Utility Directories to be deleted:"
    $delsasdirs | Format-Table -Property Fullname -AutoSize

    TBH, I'm not sure why testing the direct call of the script in the console window did not pick up this problem. Perhaps I just forgot to test the -debug switch in that scenario.

    You can test this easily enough:

    Remove-Item c:\temp\foo.txt -confirm
    Remove-Item c:\temp\foo.txt -debug

    I'm not sure why -debug gives the same behaviour as -confirm? Help about_commonparameters yields:

    -Debug[:{$true | $false}]

    Displays programmer-level detail about the operation performed by the
    command. This parameter works only when the command generates
    a debugging message. For example, this parameter works when a command
    contains the Write-Debug cmdlet.

    The Debug parameter overrides the value of the $DebugPreference
    variable for the current command. Because the default value of the
    $DebugPreference variable is SilentlyContinue, debugging messages
    are not displayed by default.

    Valid values:

    $true (-Debug:$true). Has the same effect as -Debug.

    $false (-Debug:$false). Suppresses the display of debugging
    messages when the value of the $DebugPreference is not
    SilentlyContinue (the default).

    So I guess it's setting $DebugPreference within the script, which propagates to the Remove-Item command.

    Anyway, I added a switch parameter of -details and changed the above logic, and the problem went away. The end user can call the script with -details instead of -debug if they want to review the internal logic before deciding to actually execute this (potentially destructive) script.


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