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    Hallo, I am Powershell beginner. I need your valuable help with this. I need to be at the startup of the computer.

    Restarting OpenVPN ->
    Check if it is in the domain ->
    if so, then disconnect OpenVPN. ->
    if not, openvpn connect.

    So far I have this

    $SysInfo = New-Object -ComObject "ADSystemInfo"
    Try {
    $UserDN = $SysInfo.GetType().InvokeMember("ComputerName", "GetProperty", $Null, $SysInfo, $Null)
    Catch {
    "Not connected"

    Its check for domain connecting.

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    Don Jones

    A computer is "in" the domain whether it's talking to a domain controller or not. It might be better to ping a known IP address, like that of an internal DNS server, to see if you're connected to the private network.

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