Search a setting in Group Policy in Powershell?

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    Jeff Taylor

    I want to test if a particular Computer security setting is actually set in any of our domain wide GPO's and found this script:

    ...but it had typos (I corrected) and still doesn't work.

    How do I search for say these two settings?

    [Policies\WindowsSettings\SecuritySettings\LocalPolicies\Security Options\]
    Domain member: Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data
    Domain member: Digitally encrypt secure channel data

    Get-GPOReport is pretty basic.

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    There are lot's of resources that show how to do GPO search with PS, those settings notwithstanding.
    MS even has scripts for sort of search.

    Search all GPOs in a domain for a string
    This is a simple Powershell script that uses the Group Policy cmdlets to search for a string within GPOs. The only input is the string to search for.

    As well as others have provided samples to experiment with... Examples I've looked into previously...

    Find specific setting in GPO

    GPO Setting Search Powershell Example

    Powershell – Search all Group Policies (GPO) for a string

    Method 2: Searching Group Policy with PowerShell

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    Find all registry settings in a managed gpo Seems silly that get-gpregistryvalue doesn't have a recursive option.

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