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      As proposed, nominees are selected by a Committee consisting of prior inductees and community members. What is the right size for a Committee?

      Each year, a Selection Committee will be formed by asking members of the community to volunteer. will coordinate the Committee formation process, and the Committee will be formed of:

      • 2-4 prior inductees.
        An inductee may not serve on more than two consecutive committees, unless doing so is the only way to ensure at least 2 prior inductees on a committee. For the first year’s Selection Committee, 4 additional community volunteers shall be selected in lieu of prior inductees.
      • 4 or more community volunteers.
        These will be chosen randomly from a list of volunteers, typically recruited via Twitter or other social media. Community volunteers may not serve on consecutive committees. The exact number of volunteers, or a process for annually determining the exact number, has not yet been determined. Proposal: the community volunteers must equally represent North America, EMEA, AsiaPac, [other regions?] to ensure global inclusiveness and relevance.

      In a year where the needed number of Committee members cannot be assembled, there will be no Selection Committee, and all nominees will roll over to the next year.

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