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      My Goal is to create an endpoint to allow non-administrative users to invoke a remote session to a server but only allow them specific cmdlets to execute.

      As a test, on my laptop, I created the ‘LockDown’ Session and only allowed the cmdlet ‘Get-Date’ to execute and gave the local account ‘BC’ Execute and Read Rights for the session.

      As local administration, I test the session and it works.

      When I try as the user ‘BC’, the command fails.

      I have changed the rights for BC from Read and Execute to ‘Full’ and get the same error.  I have also recreated the local ‘BC’ account and still receive the same issue.   I’ve checked about_Remote_Troubleshooting and set my Trusted Hosts Value to ‘*’ (for troubleshooting purposes) and I still can’t get a non-admin to invoke a command.



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