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    Arie H

    As I can not attend neither the US nor the European summits due to work, but ill definitely attend the EU one next time, or maybe actively giving a talk, how soon you reckon will the session recordings be up on the appropriate channels ?

    Cant wait to see the repos, materials and recording for both events.

    Have fun to those participating 😊

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    Don Jones

    It can take a couple of weeks, sometimes, for the YouTube screen captures to go up. I try to do most of the encoding when I'm on-site, but the venue Internet connection usually gets boggy, and I don't have fantastic Internet at the house, either. So it's kinda best-effort. In terms of slide decks or other materials, we post whatever speakers give us, usually within a couple of weeks. But we don't have bandwidth to really hound the presenters, so it's basically whatever we get from them.

    It'll probably be 4-6 weeks before the Pluralsight versions, which will include HD video, show up in the Pluralsight library.

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    Richard Diphoorn

    Don, you mean that all the sessions will be uploaded in HD to Pluralsight?

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    Justin King

    No, not all the sessions. One room did not have recording equipment, so a subset of the sessions were basically attendee only.

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