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    Hi everyone,

    I've used a sample NTFSPermission PS DSC script to manage file sharing. When I used it to Deny users to access a file, it works, but when I reuse the script again to try to revert it (giving back the access), it won't work. Why is that?

    Here's the code:

      configuration SetNTFSPermission
            # Target nodes to apply the configuration
            [string[]]$NodeName = 'localhost',
            # Add Account
              # Create a Physical Path
            # Add Access
             # Add Rights
    # Import the module that defines custom resources
        Import-DscResource -Module xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
        Node $NodeName
           NTFSPermission NewPermission
                Ensure = "Present"
                Account = $Account
                Access = $Access
                Path = $PhysicalPath
                Rights = $Rights
    Start-DscConfiguration -Force -Wait -Verbose -Path .\SetNTFSPermission
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    I might have missed something but xPSDesiredStateConfiguration has no builtin-resource that deals with NTFSPermissions.

    Are you using a 3rd party DSC resource ?

    Are you using the latest stable version of it, is it sill maintained ?

    Make sure you have the Import command for that module and that its available on the node you want it applied, unless you're using a Pull Server then make sure the module is on the pull server location.

    I suspect you'll need to ask the creator of this module or add the module name and where you got it from so we might
    look into it.

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