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    Hey Guys,

    I have some created some powershell modules by which I can get and set NTFS permission to remote/dfs shares. Now I would like to make a webportal or desktop app (GUI) to help my SD guys to do their job faster. I am blank about .NET, though I have heard that with VisualStudio & .NET this might be achieved. Can someone please help me with some documents or videos to guide to me the start of something like this ? Only how integrate PowerShell with VS will be helpful for me.


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    A desktop app, you can create with WinForms – see SAPIEN PowerShell Studio for an all-PowerShell tool that can help you do so. This is a commercial tool, but it's perhaps the easiest way to get to a desktop GUI in pure PowerShell.

    For a web portal, you're getting into ASP.NET programming. That's out-of-scope for this website, and ASP.NET itself is a huge topic. Similarly, if you want to make a "real" GUI (e.g., WinForms or WPF in .NET, not PowerShell script), you're outside the scope of what we do here. If you know either C# or Visual Basic, you're on the right track. Yes, you'd use Visual Studio as your toolset, but you'd be coding in C# or Visual Basic, not PowerShell.

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