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    Just wrapping my head around splitting text.

    So i know the basics of splitting

    $text = OK – offset: -31 of 60 WARN – Offset is -31 sec (warn/crit at 30/60 sec)
    $text -split"-"

    What i would like is to only split on the first instance of OK – offset , not anywhere else.

    Any idea of doing that?


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    Hi Wei-Yen Tan,
    With -split, you can specify a second parameter that identifies the .

    So, if you just want to split it into two substrings you can do the following.

    $text = 'OK – offset: -31 of 60 WARN – Offset is -31 sec (warn/crit at 30/60 sec)'
    $text -split "-",2


    OK – offset: 
    31 of 60 WARN – Offset is -31 sec (warn/crit at 30/60 sec)

    See how it splits at the first instance of "-" and results in only 2 substrings?

    Now you may ask why it split at the "-" in front of 31 instead of the "–" between OK and offset. This is because the "–" between OK and Offset is not a Hyphen-Minus character, it is what is called an En Dash (unicode character decimal 8211), so it is not matched when the split is looking for Hyphen-Minus (unicode character decimal 45)

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    Thanks for that Curtis. Works perfectly.

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