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    Paul Frankovich

    I would like to see the ability to @mention someone and to up vote correct answers

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    Don Jones

    Thanks, Paul. Right now, I've been looking at up/down voting but haven't found anything that implements it without a massive negative performance hit. The search continues. @ mentions isn't something I'd thought of, but I'll hunt around and see what's available. Any research you can do in these areas is always helpful, as my time to do this stuff is pretty limited.

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    Jonathan Warnken

    here is an example of how to use the @ mentions plugin for BuddyPress in bbPress

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    Paal Braathen

    Doesn't this work with a valid username? Test: @paul-frankovich ?

    I was able to do @ mentions before the new webpage/theme came.

    EDIT. Yup. Still works. No menu or anything tho. It could be convenient if you somehow could autocomplete usernames.

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    Jonathan Warnken

    @jonathan-warnken @paul-frankovich
    Now we just have to remember to use it 🙂

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