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      Hi , I have those users, from a csv script, and I sorted them all in OU (related as office in my script column). But in my OU there are others OU(related as departement) and I need to classify them into those to!


      So in my script "Comptabilite" refeirs as $office and "Reglements locaux" as $dept.

      To sorted the users that belong in "Comptabilite", "Financements","Gestion des contrats" and "Unite Siege" ($office), I did this script and it was sucessful

      foreach ($user in $users){
      $name = $user.firstName + " " + $user.lastName
      $fname = $user.firstName
      $lname = $user.lastName
      $login = $user.firstName + "." + $user.lastName
      Uoffice = $
      $Upassword = $user.password
      $dept = $user.department
      "Comptabilite" {$office = "OU=Comptabilite,OU=Exercise1,DC=college,DC=local"}
      "Unite Siege" {$office = "OU=Unite Siege,OU=Exercise1,DC=college,DC=local"}
      "Financements" {$office = "OU=Financements,OU=Exercise1,DC=college,DC=local"}
      "Gestion des contrats" {$office = "OU=Gestion des contrats,OU=Exercises,DC=college,DC=local"}
      default {$office = $null}
      }  try {  New-ADUser -Name $name -SamAccountName $login -UserPrincipalName $login -DisplayName $name -GivenName $fname -Surname $lname -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString $Upassword -AsPlainText -Force ) -Path $office -Department $dept -Enabled $true
      echo "Utilisateur ajouté : $name" } catch{
      echo "utilisateur non ajouté : $name" }  }

      Following the logic did this script to sort them into my "departement" named "Reglements locaux" and it wasn't very successful

      foreach ($user in $users){
      $name = $user.firstName + " " + $user.lastName
      $fname = $user.firstName
      $lname = $user.lastName
      $login = $user.firstName + "." + $user.lastName
      $Uoffice = $
      $Upassword = $user.password
      $dept = $user.department
      "Reglements locaux" {$dept = "OU=Reglements locaux,OU=Comptabilite,OU=Exercise1,DC=college,DC=local"}
      default {$dept = $null}
      }  try {  Add-ADUser -Name $name -SamAccountName $login -UserPrincipalName $login -DisplayName $name -GivenName $fname -Surname $lname -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString $Upassword -AsPlainText -Force ) -Path $dept -Department $dept -Enabled $true
      echo "Utilisateur ajouté : $name"  } catch{
      echo "utilisateur non ajouté : $name"}  }

      I also tried to put "Move-ADUser" instead of "Add-ADUser" but it still doesnt work. I give me my list of users with the mention "not added"


      No error message neither! Can somenone help?


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      Looks like the scripts are basically identical other than using $dept instead of $office for the -Path parameter. And I don't see a cmdlet called Add-ADUser. Where is that coming from? Am I just looking at a different version of the ActiveDirectory module?

      Are the users you are trying to put in the "OU=Reglements locaux,OU=Comptabilite,OU=Exercise1,DC=college,DC=local" OU new users that you're creating in this script or are they existing users you just need to move?

      Also, you're probably getting an error thrown by that catch block, but you aren't writing it to the console. Try adding "Write-Error $_.Message" to the catch block after your "utilisateur non ajouté : $name" line, (or just "Write-Error $_" for the full exception).

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