Splatting inside an array

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    Graham Beer

    I've enclosed two registry 'splats' inside an array. I really like the way it looks.

    Although it works fine, is it best practice ?

    # New build tattoo Registry Settings in Array     
    $nestedRegKeys = @(
        # Registry Value 1 Splatted
            Path  = $path
            name  = "Task Sequence"
            Value = '$TSeq'
        # Registry Value 2 Splatted
            Path  = $path
            name  = "Build Completed"
            Value = $(Get-Date -Format s)
    # Run in new keys
    $nestedRegKeys | foreach { New-ItemProperty @_ -Force }
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    Dave Wyatt

    Seems fine to me. Looks a lot like DSC configuration data.

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    Graham Beer

    Thanks Dave.

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    Dan Potter

    Funky..but heck why not?😀

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    Jonathan Warnken

    I don't see a different between this method and storing the data in an xml file and importing the xml doing the foreach against that data structure.

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    Graham Beer

    That's a cool idea Jonathan using XML to parse in registry keys !
    Just cool to experiment with different styles of powershell code. Nice to be different ! ☺

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