Start ps function remotely on server

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    Vasily Klimov

    I wrote little function which resets user's password.
    When i connect to server and start this function it work very well.
    I want to start it on my pc but run it on remotely server.
    It look like this:

    1) I start my script on my PC;
    2) It connect to server (Enter-PsSession)
    3) it run on server;
    4) Close server connection

    function Reset-AsstraUserPassword{
            [string]$UserName = (Read-Host "Enter User Name for Reset Password"),
            $message = ("##### User Password has been reset to:").ToUpper()
        Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity $UserName -Reset -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString "password" -AsPlainText -Force)
        Write-Host $message "password #####"

    Could you help me pls with it ?

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    Adam Bertram

    Moving to correct forum.

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      Vasily Klimov

      Hello, Adam.

      Thank you for moving my post to correct forum.
      I'm sorry for wrong post.

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