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    Hello everyone,

    bear with me as English isn't my native language:

    I recently got the impression that the Powershell community isn't as active anymore.
    When I started learning PS years ago, I was amazed about the community around it. There were active websites, blogs and forums everywhere. In the last 6 to 12 month many of these places seem to have dry up. Did the community move on to new places I don't know about or is it slowly comming to a hold? Is the hype over?

    I am really interested what you guys think...

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    Richard Siddaway

    Powershell community isn't as active anymore.

    You couldn't be further from the truth. With 3 dedicated conferences (North America, Europe & Asia), the open source projects on github – including PowerShell itself and the "x" DSC resources – sites like this one and the community is as active as ever. Oh and I didn't mention the user groups – they're everywhere.

    The focus of the community has changed. In the early years there was a lot of focus on explaining PowerShell and the thing you could do. That has changed with the open source projects taking up some of that space.

    There never has been, nor can there be, a single all encompassing PowerShell community. There is a huge raft of activity taking place under the rather inadequate title of "PowerShell community". That activity has evolved and will continue to do so. The community is as strong as ever – its just bigger and more diverse so appears to be less if you're focussing on a small part.

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