Task scheduler powershell code not sending email.

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    Param (
    [string]$Path = "\\abcd\efgh\ijkl\mnop",
    [string]$SMTPServer = "abcd.efgh.org",
    [string]$From = "gkvdv@erb.org",
    [string]$To = "bwerbp@erb.org",
    [string]$Subject = "XXXXXX"
    $file_attachments = @()

    $SMTPMessage = @{
    To = $To
    From = $From
    Subject = "$Subject at $Path"
    Smtpserver = $SMTPServer

    $File = Get-ChildItem $Path | Where { ($_.LastWriteTime -ge [datetime]::Now.Addminutes(-1440) ) -and ( $_.BaseName -like 'yyyy*') }
    If ($File)
    { $SMTPBody = "`nThe following files have recently been added/changed:`n`n"
    $File | ForEach { $SMTPBody += "$($_.FullName)`n" }
    $File | ForEach {$file_attachments += $_.FullName}

    Send-MailMessage @SMTPMessage -Body $SMTPBody -Attachments $file_attachments


    The above code sends out an email when I run it in the powershell window.
    But I schedule it in a task scheduler it runs successfully but not send out an email.

    Under task scheduler tabs
    Program/script : powershell
    Add arguments ()optional‌:-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file "\\abcd\efgh\ijkl\mnop\wgsgd.ps1"‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

    Help is appreciated.

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    Task Scheduler tends to run under LocalSystem. It's likely your mail server is rejecting the connection from the unauthenticated user.

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