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    Michael Felkins

    Any one know how to Test if AspNetMVC4 is already installed?

    My set script looks like this:

    $setup = Start-Process "D:\Install\AspNetMVC4Setup.exe" -ArgumentList "/q" -Wait
    if ($setup.exitcode -eq 0){ $True }


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    Don Jones

    If it installs via Windows Installer, you should be able to query Win32_Product. If it's a server feature, Get-WindowsFeature (2008R2+) should show it. You could also test for the existence of some file that the installer creates.

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    Michael Felkins

    Not showing up in Wn32_Product, it's not a feature. I guess I'll have to look for some file that the installer creates.

    I wish MS would make everything an msi.


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