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    Tony Antony

    I'm building a network status html page. Everything works the I want it to work so far.

    But, I noticed that sometimes, I get this error
    Test-Connection : Testing connection to computer '' failed: Error due to lack of resources

    This is my syntax:

    Test-Connection -Count 1 -Quiet

    I know this is not a real IP address, so it should be coming as "False", but I'm getting the message.



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    Don Jones

    Not precise, but some useful workarounds: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41267553/powershell-test-connection-failed-due-to-lack-of-resources

    It might also be useful to bypass the Test-Connection wrapper and just use the Win32_PingStatus class directly. You'd query that from your local computer and have it try to ping whatever address, and then interpret the status codes yourself.

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    Tony Antony

    Thank you Don. I'll give that a try.

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